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How to Cut & Plate Pizza

Learn how to cut and plate homemade pizza in this Howcast food video.


You've made your own dough, you've put on some gorgeous toppings, it's come out of the oven, and it looks like this. Your pizza is singing okay.

Let it rest for two minutes. Fight every urge in your body just to dive in there. And now that's going to set the gluten, set the cheese and all the toppings. It's going to make it so much easier for you to cut.

So three different types of ways to cut it. First of all, there's four. You can always use a scissor, but that's really old school.

First is the normal little pizza cutter, the little pizza wheel. So the way you do this is you kind of slam it right in, and then without any [inaudible 0:38], you just kind of roll right through it, right? And you'll have this nice split pizza. Okay?

Another one is the mezzaluna, right? It's the whole rocking deal. So you just start on one side and just right through. And again, it's like, it's kind of like the pizza roll. You don't want to really hesitate. You just want to kind of go for it. All right, these look great.

And the last, you know, you can use your knife. And the way I do that is I actually put it to the point where I want, put my hand on top, and just right through and just kind of crunch it down.

So if I was going to plate this bad boy up, look at this. Take one of these pieces, right there, a little bit on top of it. This looks awesome. Right, bring that to the table, little bit of drizzle of olive oil, and just a touch, just a couple of kisses of fresh Parmesan.

That is how to cut and plate the perfect pizza.

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