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How to Make Pizza on a Pizza Stone

Learn how to make pizza on a pizza stone with this Howcast food video.


There's lots of different options when you want to cook pizza at home, but there is nothing better and more consistent than a pizza stone. Now stones come in a lot of different varieties, some are clay, some are ceramic, I've seen a [multiple] of different types and shapes, but I like just a nice small one.

This is a clay one. You can absolutely grab a ceramic one. It works great. But the whole idea behind it is that our ovens don't get as hot as a pizzeria oven would be, so we try and emulate that by bringing more heat into the oven. So, by doing this, this like, acts like a sponge and soaks up so much more of your oven's heat and it transfers it right up into your crust, kind of giving it a direct heat right under the crust. That's what the stone does. Now, if you don't cook on parchment, you're going to get these splatters and that's totally good.

These are just oil splotches. It happens, and it shows that you actually cook and that you like using your stone, but general maintenance is that you don't really want to wash this under water. It could crack if it's still warm, but also you just want to give it a nice kind of rub with a towel, a dry towel at that. It's really easy to maintain. Let it cool down in your oven and then right before you use it, you want to let it heat up with the oven, so always keep it in the oven. To be honest with you, my oven never doesn't have the stone inside of it.

Beyond pizza, you can cook chicken on here. You can get a great sear with scallops and shrimp. It's an awesome way to cook. It's kind of an old school, you know, caveman style way to cook, but I love it and it's going to turn your kitchen into a pizzeria.

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