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How to Throw a Pizza-Making Party

Learn how to throw a pizza-making party with this Howcast food video.


You know, as a chef, whenever I have a dinner party, the pressure is always on me. But the cool part about throwing a pizza party is that it's kind of on everyone to make an awesome pizza. Here's how I would set it up.

First and foremost, I would make my dough, rise it, and make them into little individual portions, and just keep the board well-floured, and even maybe a towel over the top of these so they don't crust over.

I would always have the sauce, the olive oil, very close to the beginning, so people can kind of roll their dough out over here, add a little bit of olive oil or sauce if they'd like. And then they kind of move on to the toppings stage. We have lots of different types of vegetables. Keep in mind that when you are serving your vegetables... let's say you have something like onions. You want to make sure that you caramelize these before the party, right? Don't just put raw onions out and expect them to figure that out. And anything that's going to take a long time to cook, maybe a little sausage to render, some beautiful eggplant, some roasted mushrooms, if they're going to take some time to cook, do it beforehand. Get them in a nice little bowl, maybe a little swig of olive oil just to keep them moist. And put them out for everyone to kind of dive into.

We have all of our meat section here. A little bit of beautiful anchovies. Dry spices for them to finish up with. And then you have different types of fun veggies, chili flakes, herbs. The idea is that you're kind of setting the tone, setting a kind of building block for everyone to take a blank canvas and move throughout. And then, make sure to have plenty of pizza peels ready. Your ovens are on full whack with a couple of pizza stones in, or some upside down pans, and you're using the base of it, and people will put them in one at a time.

But the key to a great pizza party is retaining the heat in the oven. Everyone's going to be shoveling in their pizzas, taking it out, and the idea is that you want to do it as fast as possible. If you are going to open up the oven, make a quick, quick open. Grab the pizza, and out, and on the board, and then let it reheat for the next one.

Have fun, and throw a pizza party. It's that easy.

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