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How to Make Chocolate Clusters

Learn how to make chocolate clusters in this Howcast food video featuring pastry chef Katie Rosenhouse.


So I'm going to show you how to make chocolate clusters which are probably my favorite treat in the world. They’re like reminiscing crunchy nice bits of fruit. So I'm starting with milk chocolate. You can use dark, white, or milk. It's totally your call and I'm just going to pour it into a bowl.

This chocolate has been tempered, which means that I have melted it down and then have brought down the temperaturee of the chocolate so it's nice and cold, it's going to have a nice sheen to it a good gloss and it's going to firm up nice and hard. So I have a little bit of chocolate, I'm going to add in anything you like, but I'm doing some raisins. You can use anything else, I even have some apricots that I can just kind of chop up.

You don't want huge pieces of things in your clusters. Try to keep them all kind of on the small side. I'm just chop up some apricots and here I have anything crunchy definitely add in nuts, here I have some coco cereal these are nice and like crispy, crunchy and you want to add in a bunch. And then just stir it up. This I totally do by eye, but just enough that the chocolate is kind of filled with goodness. Okay.

So it's beautiful. Add in a few more raisins, a few more crunchy bits, good to go. So you can see it's like nice and firm, it's really chock full of stuff. Okay. So What I'm going to do is take my spoon and onto a cookie sheet with either a piece of parchment or a silk pad which is a nice non stick mat. Just big spoonfuls of my cluster, you don't have to be too perfect about it, it's kind of fun where they're a little bit irregular. But if you want to make sure that they're like totally perfect, perfect. You can even use a mini cupcake pan.

With the mini cupcake liners, and that way you'll get perfectly round clusters every time. These are kind of just a fun, little candy. Okay. So just nice clusters all over and just to finish these off, you could take a few more of the same ingredients, just so people can kind of see what’s inside. So maybe they'll sprinkle a little bit more apricot or a little bit of raisins on the top, add a few more crunchy bits. And then also a little bit of sea salt.

So just a little touch of flakes sea salt just for a little salty crunch, with the flake sea salt you can find in stores. They're just big nice kind of beautiful shards of salt. Okay. Couple of raisins. Okay. I'm going to pop these into the fridge or the freezer just until they get nice and firm and then we're going to have really beautiful, firm, crunchy, chocolate clusters. So that's how you make chocolate clusters.

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