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How to Make Chocolate Curls

Learn how to make chocolate curls in this Howcast food video featuring pastry chef Katie Rosenhouse.


So today I'm going to make chocolate curls. So I have a little bit of dark chocolate, and my dark chocolate is tempered, which means it's been melted down and cooled to the point where it's nice and just barely cool to the touch, and also it's going to setup nice and firm, and glossy.

So I'm just going to take a cookie sheet that I've chilled in the refrigerator or the freezer, for about five minutes. And you should be able to touch and it'll feel really nice and cold. And I'm just going to take my chocolate, and right onto my cookie sheet. Let's not start with too much, but we'll just take a little bit. And then with my offset spatula, you could use a large or a small offset spatula, you could see that shape of it, it's going to make it really easy to smooth out my chocolate. I'm just going to gently push back and forth, and you're going to see my chocolate start to set, which means it's going to start to firm up, cool up, and it's going to change from that glossy sheen to something that's a little bit more matte and thick.

So you can already see my chocolate is thickening, it's cooling down, and do it really gently, nice, back and forth. Don't feel like you have to rush this. As soon as it starts giving you a little pressure back, it's like hard to smooth, leave it alone. Take any extras off. And then I'm going to switch. So you can either use something like this, which is a little bit wider, to kind of scrape this up, or I can use my bench scraper.

So depending on what I'm looking for, let's give it a feel. And you can see, it's already firm. Okay? So I'm going to take this, and if I wanted to make something like curls, you could see, once I lift it up, this is nice and firm, but it's not really kind of moving around. So I want to do something a little bit quicker. We get our nice curls. Okay? So nice quick motion. These are really good for on top of cakes. Once they cool down, you could just top a cake with like, these big gorgeous curls of chocolate, and this is also they way you would make something like cigarettes. So if I were to take this same motion and just push really quickly, I would get a little cigarette. Let's see if we can do that. So I get a cute little chocolate cigarette, just like that.

So we're going to keep curling these beautiful curls, and if your chocolate starts to get too warm, if it's warm inside, just pop it back in the fridge and let it cool up again. If it starts getting too firm, move it to a warmer place, or even kind of touch it with your hand, let it get a little bit warmer. And that is it. You have these beautiful chocolate curls. Let's finish them off.

So now we're actually going to use these as a decoration. So I'm going to grab a cupcake from the fridge. So here I have a beautiful chocolate cupcake, and I'm just going to take my chocolate curls, and you could just kind of arrange them in a really beautiful kind of fun way. Choose the ones that you like best, and again, these are great on like, really big cakes, just kind of load them up on the top. They're great as just a garnish, on like, a fruit salad, put some chocolate curls. And that's it. A little dusting of cocoa, or just like that, and you're ready to go. That's how you make chocolate curls.

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