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How to Make Caramel Apples

Learn how to make caramel apples in this Howcast food video featuring pastry chef Katie Rosenhouse.


Today I'm making some caramel apples. You can see that I'm starting with these really cute red and green apples, but you can use any kind that you can find in the market. I especially love the little mini ones. They're great for parties.

All I'm going to do is, I have these really fun straws, and I'm going to use these as my lollipop sticks. Just press it right into your apple. Be nice and firm about it. I just love the way these look, but you can absolutely use wooden skewers or anything else you can find in the store. Just right in there.

Then I have my homemade caramel, which is basically just sugar, a little bit of water, a little corn syrup and heavy cream. You can see it's nice and thick and ready to dip.

I'm just going to take my apple and dip it right into my caramel sauce. I don't like to cover too much of the apple, but I do like to give it a nice bottom. You're just going to let any excess drip right off of it. Let's keep this one plain and then we'll do a couple with some fun toppings.

Just get the little excess off the bottom and then right onto a silpad, which is a non-stick baking mat, but you can definitely use some parchment paper or anything that you have that will keep your surface clean. That's always a good idea with caramel. Again, just dip right in there. Beautiful.

Now, I'm going to go into some fun toppings. You have a choice. You can really use anything that you like, but I have some sprinkles. I'm going to go ahead while my caramel is still nice and warm, just kind of rock into my sprinkles and get a really cute bottom. It's kind of adorable.

I have some graham cracker crumbs, some coconut, anything that you like, this is the time when you can kind of play around. Let it drip off. And again, I just like to do the bottom of my apple. I feel like that's really fun, but if you want to dip your entire apple, feel free to go ahead and do that. But these are really cute.

Now, coconut. Totally fun. I'm just going to let these set up until my caramel is nice and firm and then I can pop them right off my silpad and we're ready to serve.

So, that's how you make homemade caramel apples.

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