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How to Make Hard Candy

Learn how to make hard candy in this Howcast food video featuring pastry chef Katie Rosenhouse.


So today I'm making hard candy. I'm just starting with a little bit of sugar. I have about a half a cup of sugar right in a pot. I have about a quarter cup of honey. Or you could substitute that for corn syrup or agave, anything that you prefer. Going right in there. And just a little bit of water, just to help things get started.

What I'm going to do is just cook this on the stove until it reaches a nice golden caramel color.

So my caramel is a nice golden color. You can see that smoky sensation that's happening. Which is good because caramel essentially is burnt sugar by definition.

I'm just adding in a little bit of sea salt, just to round out my flavors. And then I'm adding in two kinds of sesame seeds. This is totally optional. If you want to just make plain hard candies you either just leave it like this, it's going to have a nice honey flavor to it, or you can add in something like a flavoring, like an extract. Or even a little bit of food coloring if you want. Kind of fun kids ones.

But I'm just adding in a little white sesame seeds, and also just for fun I like black sesame seeds for a little extra color. Just right in there. I like mine really loaded up. And this is actually I used to eat all the time when I was a kid. My grandma always used to keep these in her purse. So these were always one of my favorite candies.

Alright, so that's it. I'm working with a mold. I have kind of a silicone rubber mold, If you want to use anything like a cupcake tin with little liners inside or anything like that, or even if you want to put it into a loaf pan and cut pieces while it's still a little bit warm, then that's great too. But this is non-stick.

So I'm just going to go ahead and pour my candy into my little sections here. You don't have to fill them up all the way but just about three quarters. It's a good size. If you find you have any little bits that kind of missed the mark, just take a knife and kind of just either put them into the other candy or just take them off all together.

And that's it. I'm going to let those set at room temperature until they're nice and hard. You should be able to touch them and they'll feel really firm to the touch. So here's my perfect sesame candy, just like my grandma used to make.

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