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How to Make Caramelized Nuts

Learn how to make caramelized nuts in this Howcast food video featuring pastry chef Katie Rosenhouse.


Hi, my name is Katy (?) and today I'm going to show you how to make caramelized nuts at home. So I'm starting with three basic ingredients, I have whole almonds, these have the skin on but you can use any kind of nuts that you prefer, I'm going to start with about a cup of whole almonds. Right into my pot, and I'm just going to add about a quarter cup of sugar, right in there, a little bit of water as well. So if you take a look at the consistency I have here, I have my nuts, I have my sugar, and I have my water, everything kind of lightly coated, and all I'm gonna do is bring this to a boil and keep cooking until that sugar and water change to caramel. So when you're cooking these nuts, you wanna make sure that you're constantly stirring, you never wanna leave them to end up scorching in any particular place and also as the nuts are cooking they're going to toast, so while we'll also getting a nice caramel surface for our nuts, we're also toasting them up, making them really delicious and just a nice crunchy coating of caramel. All right, so we have our almonds, and you'll see that caramel is nice and toasty, it's almost starting to pop the skins of the almonds, that's a good way to tell when it's ready. And also at the bottom of the pan, see here that pop? And at the bottom of the pan you'll also see the caramel has turned to a nice amber golden color so we know we're perfect. Before my caramel sets up I want to make sure that I add salt, you relay want to bring out the flavor of those almonds, and also depending on what spices you like, I like sweet paprika, I like a little cayenne, so anything that you like, throw in a little spice in there, because nothing's better than some spicy caramelized nuts. So once you've got your spice and your salt mixed in there right onto a piece of parchment paper, and make sure you kinda spread the nuts out so this way they won't all clump together as they cool. And you can see almost immediately they're cool enough to touch, they cool down very quickly. If you want to serve them warm at a party the great way is just make them and serve them or else make them ahead of time, pop them in the oven just to heat them up for a couple minutes at about 350 degrees, and you have nice warm caramelized nuts. That's how you make caramelized nuts at home, enjoy.

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