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How to Make Flavored Marshmallows

Learn how to make flavored homemade marshmallows in this Howcast food video featuring pastry chef Katie Rosenhouse, part two of a two-part series.


So my mixture is nice and opaque and fluffy, now is the time any flavorings that you'd like to add should be added now. So I'm going to go ahead and add just a couple of drops of the violet extract, but anything you like is great whether it's a spice, a little bit of liqueur or extract, whatever you desire and even a little bit of food coloring, totally up to you.

Just going to mix it in and that's it we're ready to go. So you could see it's changed on something that was very liquidey to something that's really fluffy and white. Like your standard marshmallow fluff and over time we're going to let this sit and it's going to stiffen up just like traditional marshmallows.

So I'm going to go ahead and take out my whisk, you could see it's super sticky, and just take my mixture out with a rubber spatula right into, I have a six inch cake pan, but any sort of brownie pan would be great or a loaf pan, just to give these a place to set up. I'm just going to fill it up.

And now just to show that it is violet, I'm going to take a little bit of, this is a gel paste color, this is just a little purple, what I like to do is just stick in like a lollipop stick or a wooden skewer and go into my marshmallow and just kind of swirl it around, and make really kind of fun and whimsical. You could always take a little bit more. And it really takes your marshmallow from something that was kind of ordinary to something that's really unique. And that's it.

And the only other thing I like to add just for a little extra flavor, I have a fruit cutter, this is a raspberry fruit cutter, you don't have to do this, but I do love the idea of adding a little extra something, and this is just a little sprinkling, a beautiful pink, tangy, flavoring. And that's it.

And we're going to let these sit up for about an hour or overnight if you can, or else pop them in the freezer if your in a rush, and in about an half hour you'll have marshmallows that are ready to cut.

So my marshmallows are nice and firm and ready to cut, so I'm just taking a little bit of corn starch or you can use corn starch and confectioners sugar kind of mixed together, and I'm just going to lightly dust my knife. I'm just using my sifter and also you can lightly dust the marshmallow and that's going to keep it from kind of sticking to everything it touches.

You can see how soft and tender that is, so I'm just going to go ahead and cut squares, and this is like perfect for the winter time, you can make what ever flavor marshmallow you'd like and a little homemade hot chocolate and you have like the greatest desert in the world.

So that's it, just store these in the air tight container, either at room temperature or in the freezer for up to a month or two, and your good to go, you have home made marshmallows.

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