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How to Do Turfing Storytelling

Learn how to do turfing storytelling in this street dance video from Howcast.


What's up? This is your boy Gino and I'm going to show you basic story telling. Basic Story telling is fun, honestly is one of my best things in dance because without it dance is not a lot.

Story telling is basically telling a story. It can be a random story. It can be a sad story. It can be a happy story. It could be mad. You can use it for when you have stress. You know, play it out. You throw something in the air, it's your heart cause your girl broke it.

Try to put it back, it's coming back out, oh no, she stomped on it. Where are you going? It can be anything you want. It's really fun to use and play around with and if your a really goofy person, like me. It's really fun to use.

Story telling, the sky is the limit, there's really no instruction on story telling it's just how really creative and diverse you are with your brain. Your walking down the street, you slip. You try to get back up, but you have to turn around. How are you going to turn around? It's up to you.

So really, there's no instruction just really be creative, just have fun with it and it's your own reality.

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