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How to Do Turfing Puppeting

Learn how to do turfing puppeting in this street dance video from Howcast.


Hello this is Jino again, I'm going to show you how to do puppeting.

Puppeting is like a very loose form. It's mostly used with popping, well, yes, mostly used in popping and puppeting is like a very loose form of arms just loose like you're on strings, like you're being controlled. You're going up, down, up.

You're movements in puppeting are very loose. Not ridged like all the other dance styles that you need a lot of technique for. It's very funky. So be very funky with it. Like just get loose, have fun. Boom! Do what you want to do. Boom bah, boom. Boom. I'm going to put together a little routine of puppeting that you can use. You're first count is going to be left leg out, right arm out.

Second count is going to be left leg and left. [It’s simply] left, left. So one, two, three, four. Now when you do three and four your neck is going three, slightly move up as level, four. In five, your right arm is going out. Five, and with six you're dropping. Six, keep your hands out. And on seven and eight it's going to be a slight spin but you're putting all the pressure on your right foot.

Make sure you put the pressure on the right foot so you can have a balanced spin. So you're going, and you're lifting your left foot up slightly. So you're going, seven, eight. Now let's try that again. Five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four, five and drop seven, eight. Now let's try it with some music.

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