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How to Vanish in Turfing

Learn how to vanish in turfing in this street dance video from Howcast.


What's up? This is Jino Fort again, and I'm going to show you what vanishing is. Vanishing you're more of a trickster type, I would say. You can have technique. But all right, you'd rather be a trickster because the more creative you are, the better your vanishing is. For vanishing, just go crazy with what you know.

So like you can use your shirt, as well. You can ball it up, put it up like this. Act like you're pulling something, and vanish it out, and it'll pop right out. So you can be like, five, six, seven, eight; out. You can roll it or you can act like you're throwing something up there, roll it up, make it - boom.

When vanishing, you can use objects that you just make. Like you can make it pull. Act like you're picking something up. This goes with animation a little bit, as well. Picking and pull up. When vanishing bring it in to yourself.

Comes out on the other side. When you're tutting you can do the same thing, as well. Tut, tut, throw it. Comes out the other side. You're making a new one. It's like kind of like teleportation a little bit. The best way to really understand vanishing is just to see it. So I'm going to show you a little bit.

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