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How to Do the Robot aka Botting

Learn how to do the hip-hop dance move called the robot, aka botting, in this street dance video from Howcast.


Hello this is Gino Fort and I'm going to teach you how to bot.

Now, botting is composed of different techniques in one, but it's very stiff, very stiff. It's not loose at all.

You're not even human, that's why you're a robot, that's why it's botting. So basically it deals with hitting a little bit. Hitting does help but not too much because robots don't hit all the time, they walk like a robot. So basically you have slow motion walks, you have regular walks.

Now your slow motion walks can go in with your regular walks. You can be walking regularly like a robot and then just slow it down really slow, as so, but make sure you still look like a robot. While you're doing that you can isolate your body to move other places as well while you're robotting so it makes it very unique and unreal. So various stops with your arms, stops like with your right and left arms, right, left, right, left, right, left, right left, right, left, bing, up. You're moving one thing at a time. Don't go too fast; don't rush it because you won't look like a robot. You'll look human.

So when you do that you can do stops, one, two, three, four, turn head, neck. Everything is one at a time. That means everything is one at a time. Neck, head, torso, body, arm, arm, arm, arm, arm. Basically you get the point. Basically I'm going to start to routine off with walking. Make it very robotic. If you have to add your own little extra flavor in it, come around someway, however you want to, that's you.

And when the routine starts you're going to go slightly forward and it's going to be like a retraction. So you're going to go back, boom like you hit the wall. So one, two, three, and stop. Take your right arm five, six with your left, and you're going to go up, seven, and eight. Now that itself is going to be like a back and forth. You're going to stop as so.

So let's try it again. You're going to walk very robotic turn head, left however you want to. Feet you can do in a different order, but when the routine starts you're going to go back, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and an eight.

Let's try it again just from the start of the routine. Five, six, seven, eight, and one, two, three, and four. Five, six, seven, and an eight. You're walking, boom, boom, boom. Slow motion if you will, five, six, seven, eight, and one, two and three, and four, five, six, seven, and an eight. Now let's try that with music.

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