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How to Dubstep

Learn how to dubstep in this street dance video from Howcast.


What's up? This is Gino Fort, and this is dancing to dubstep.

Now, dubstep is a very controversial thing within the dance world, because the non-dancers that really don't dance like that hate dubstep think dubstep is a dance style. Well today, you're going to know, for you that think that's right, it's very wrong.

Dubstep is not a dance style. There's no set moves for a dubstep dance style. Most of it is popping, though, ticking, strobing, waving, and all that, but you can just really just hit the beats. That's what most everybody does. But it's not a dance style.

I'm going to repeat. It is not a dance style.

So, dancing in dubstep, you want to hit the beats, and they're very signified beats that's everywhere and kind of off. Now, you can hit everything, but be careful how you hit everything, because you're going to look crazy. Make sure you take your time following me slowly, miss a couple of them, catch onto other ones, and boucne off of other ones. It's however you want to dance to it, but make sure you take your time as well.

You don't have to go the fast speed or the full speed of the dubstep song all the time.

Some of my favorites things when you dubstep is very sporadic but controlled movements, like if you have ba ba ba ba ba, ba, ba, bum, bum, like, add personality to it to make it look better.

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