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How to Do Krumping Chest Pops

Learn how to do krumping chest pops in this street dance video from Howcast.


So this is Jino Fort again, and I'm going to teach you how to do krump chest pops. Krump chest pops are of the nature of what it says it does, popping your chest out. But it's not just popping your chest out. It's the beat and it's very strong. So like from the side angle it looks more effective, so I'll do it this way. So when you do it, you're going to breathe in, use your diaphragm. So you make sure you get the maximum amount of air. So when you do that you're going to breathe like so, five, six, seven, eight, and when you go back down, you're going to hit, hit.

So you're going to close it. Let's try it again, five, six, seven, eight; two. Now we want to use it as a combination, which in dance you look very stronger and you hit the beat the beat a lot harder. Depending on how you hit the beat with your chest pop makes it look really amazing. So let's try it again, other side. Five, six, seven, eight; one-two, three-four. Now you can vary it a little bit. You can act like you're pulling it out. One, two, three, hit; one, two, three, hit. Like you'll be like, boom. Throw it.

This is where you can use vanishing a little bit. Act like you're throwing something into it, nobody sees it, boom. Come out of it. Let's try it again, five, six, seven, eight; vanish. Don't see nothing, boom. Come out. Chest pops can lead into other initiations of dance moves and techniques with krump, as well. So like let's say, you're doing a chest pop, you go into a stop. Make it look stylistic. Make it look cool, so after you do that boom, you're doing arm swings, jab, jab, jab. Then you go to your chest pop. Boom, hit. Catch yourself. So the combination is everything. Let me show you what it looks like with music.

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