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How to Do Pop & Lock Bopping

Learn how to do pop and lock bopping in this street dance video from Howcast.


Hello, this is Jino Fort, your boy. I'm going to teach you bopping. Bopping is slightly more difficult, but it's still doable. It's very easy, once you get used to it. Basically, it's double time popping. When you do it you want to start popping at first. Like one-one,one-one. Just do the basics at first. You know, you can even add a leg pop to it, if you want to and then it's double hit. So one, two, three, four, hit-hit, hit-hit, ba-boom-ba-boom, hit-hit. That's double time. Da-doom, da-doom.

You can use your knees. You could use your legs. You could use your arms. You can use your chest, but it's basically double time. Now it's a little more difficult to get into because you have to have more control. You have to pop really fast and move to your next movement. So what we're going to do, we're going to start with one-two, three-four, five-six, seven-eight. Just that simple, but try and make it as clean as possible. Five, six, seven, eight, one-two, three-four, five-six, seven-eight.

Try six, seven, eight, ta-hit, ta-hit, ta-hit, ta-hit. Try it again, six, seven, eight, and boom-boom, boom-boom, boom-boom, boom-boom. The more power you put into it the harder the hits should come, but you still need to control it so it doesn't look outlandish, as well. It doesn't have to only be with your arms. It can be with your legs, as well. So it can be like, one-two, three-four, five-six, seven-eight. Boom-boom, hit-hit, hit-hit, hit-hit. So it's going out...double. Kicking your legs, arms, chest, basically anything, but you have to on time with the beat, as well. So now let's try that with some music.

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