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How to Do the Pace

Learn how to do the pace in this street dance video from Howcast about locking.


What's up? This is Jino coming at you with some pacing with locking. Now pacing is a fairly simple move. It's a little walk, like a little old man walk like you've got a cane. But you've got wrist rolls with it. So what's you're going to do we're going to bend slightly over and you can add movement too, pacing as well. You can go back and forth and some other things, spin as well. So we're going to try that, too.

So the first thing you're going to do is get your wrists like this, kind of whatever foot you want to start off with. We'll start off with our left, since that's the most natural one, I guess. It's like a little step, you're grooving, you're jogging. Grooving, hit. That's as simple as that thing is. Wrist out, wrist out, slide, slide, slide, hit. You've got a little movement to it, so basically you're just moving back and forth and you're moving your wrist from side to side.

You can do different variations of it, which you can do with your left hand. You can do it with your right, whichever would be more comfortable. You can move it up, move both, lay back. You know different variations. So we're going to try that. We're going to go five, six, seven, eight, and walk, hit, right, get your wrist and one, two, three, four: one, two, three, four; one, two, three, four; hit, two, three, four and... Now we'll try it with music.

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