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How to Do Locking Points

Learn how to do locking points in this street dance video from Howcast.


What's up? It's Jino coming at you. I want to teach you how to point. Not just any point though, a locking point. Now what a locking point is very funky. Well, a locking is funky in itself. So when you point it's like straight, boom, what you looking at?

It's over there. What? Where's it going? So like, pointing is basically really fun. Like it's just so animated. Don't just point. That's boring. Like, let's roll with it. It's over there. You really want to show your animation and energy of your point. So you want to be very accurate when you point, as well.

Actually, you don't want to just point anywhere. You want to act like you know what you're doing. You can look where you're pointing at. If you're going over there, hold your head that way. Roll your head that way, boom, boom, point, point, straight, line. Points are all about lines as well.

We can't just be sloppy and have crooked lines either. Now let me show you a simple routine with points. So the first part you're going to do with the routine is going to be with your right hand. You're going to go right. You're going to look, as well. Right, left, down, down, wrist roll. Put your left foot up.

While you're doing it, slide forward with your hand open and jump. Put your left foot up, five, six, seven, eight; one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight; and on eight you're going to land. Let's try that slowly. Five, six, seven, eight; and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Let's try that with music now.

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