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How to Do a Wrist Twirl

Learn how to do a wrist twirl in this street dance video from Howcast about locking.


So JIno, back again, to show you what the wrist twirl is in locking. The wrist twirl is a fairly simple move, but it's easy to forget. Because you're doing so much stuff and it is so small, and this is just a little movement that makes one of your moves look really whoa. So pay attention. It's very subtle in it's detail, so pay attention.

Basically, it's just a type of wrist throw. So you're going up and over, down, under. Up and over, down, under or you do it faster it's one-two, three-four, one-two, three-four, one-two, three-four. Same with the left hand. One-two, three-four, when you go fast, two-three-four. One-two, three-four. Two-three-four. One-two, three-four.

So try it five, six, seven, eight, one-two, three-four, one-two, three-four, two-three-four. One-two, three-four. Try with the left hand. Five, six, seven, eight, one-two, three-four, one-two, three-four, two-three-four, one-two, three-four. Switch, hit. Hit, three-four. One-two, three-four. Now with both hands, five, six, seven, eight, one-two, three-two, four. Now try it with music.

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