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How to Do Bone Breaking & Flexing

Learn how to do bone breaking and flexing in this street dance video from Howcast.


Hello, this is Jino and I am going to teach you a little thing called Bone Breaking. Well not really teach you just show you and you do the stretches and get it yourself, so you're really teaching yourself.

OK, so here we go. Flexing and Bone Breaking can be dangerous if you are; one too muscled, don't do it. Two not double jointed, I'm not double jointed either but I stretched a lot, and three if you are not warmed up. If you are not warmed up it's cold outside you are chilly you try to do it out of nowhere. You should warm up and stretch first because you can get a cramp or hurt yourself, warning.

OK, so now let's start. So basically what you are doing; you have a whole multiple of different types of Bone Breaks. You have the Egg Bone Break, you have the Double Bone Break to the left, you have the one where you pull your arms all the way back and go all the way around, and you have the one that everybody knows how to do which is the Dead Arm.

The Dead Arm is like this. You are going to take your left hand and put it on your right elbow, bend this one down, and slowly just start bending it down like this. Now at first you're not going to be able to go nowhere so it's going to be really sloppy and starting won't go that far because your bones are going to hurt but the more you get use to it the farther you'll go down.

Once you get used to it you'll take it back, turn it around, and do whatever you want with it. So let's try it again. Remember be careful and stretch first. Five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four, quit. Four counts, try it again this is the simplest ones, mind you. Put your arm behind you. Five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, on four make sure you pull it down. Four and out. You got to make sure you pull it all the way back, you can't cheat it because it won't look right.

Another bone break you can do as well is this one. Basically it's you taking your arm and pulling it all the way around. Now this one you have to be prepared for because the first time you do it, if you are double-jointed, it's okay. It won't hurt as much it might not hurt at all, you probably already know how to do it, maybe if you tried. Single jointed you have to get your muscles use to it and stretch first.

When you do it you are going to put your hands like this, see, see, see. Alright, right on top of left, if you are using your left arm to go out you put left on right. Right on left, you are going to interlock your fingers like so, your middle fingers put like this, make them tight, pull up, when you pull up slowly go back.

Now don't do it all at once when you first try it because you will probably break your arm and I don't want you to do that on the internet. So ya'll do this, until you get use to it, you'll go a little farther and pull your shoulder muscle out. It's gonna look like this. Out.

See how nasty that looks? Looks pretty nasty. So when you do that pull it out, the farther you get out you'll eventually get back here and when you get back here you should be almost there just to pull it back.

Now mind you when you pull it back it will hurt maybe a couple days after because you did pull it out but it will heal and you will be able to do it much easier. So it's to your choice. So five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four.

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