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How to Street Dance with Jino Fort

Learn about Jino Fort, one of Howcast's street dance experts, in this Howcast video.


What's up, you all. My name is Jino Fort, a dancer-choreographer/performer. Love doing what I do. What I wanted to do is be a professional choreographer, travel the world, and go everywhere. I want to perform as well.

Currently with MSA Dance Agency right now, going back and forth from here to L.A., doing gigs and working to promote my talent and get out there. I love what I do because it brings me joy to myself. But not only me, but to everybody else that watches me as well. So I hope you enjoy the series.

If you want to learn more and contact me period, you can find me on F-A-M-U-R-A-T-T-L-E-R-S. Hope that's not too long for you. You can join my Facebook as well. Find me on Facebook at Jino J-Dub Fort.

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