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How to Deal with a Bad Kisser

Learn how to deal with a bad kisser in this Howcast kissing tutorial.


Harrison: So we've all had bad kisses. I mean I'm sure Maya, I'm sure you have.

Maya: I don't know what that's supposed to mean, but yeah.

Harrison: Well I know I have.

Maya: Not that way.

Harrison: So, you have to know deal with a bad kisser. I mean, basically, so my worst experience was, I was abroad, I was studying abroad, and we all went out to this club, and I was just, you know, I was dancing with this girl that I hadn't really met, I mean, I, we met for a second, but like, I didn't know her, and then she started making out with me, and then just started.

Maya: Well, you weren't involved.

Harrison: like, penetrating my mouth her tongue. Like it was.

Maya: Oh, cause girls aren't supposed to penetrate.

Harrison: Yeah, no, no, never, man, never a good idea.

Maya: In any context.

Harrison: Basically it was just, it wasn't even like, nice tongue work it was just like, jabbing like, here, you want me to

Maya: I would love, that sounds so wonderful.

Harrison: Okay, here wait. Alright, you ready?

Maya: I can't wait, this is gonna be great guys, yeah. Oh yeah, that's awful. That has to stop immediately.

Harrison: Yeah I know.

Maya: That was the worst thing I've ever experienced.

Harrison: Imagine that for 30 minutes.

Maya: Wow.

Harrison: And then having to tell that person, you're going to the bathroom, and just leave and cry. That's basically how.

Maya: Did you cry or did they cry?

Harrison: I cried, but

Maya: A silent one tear.

Harrison: Yeah.

Maya: Also it's bad to hold your kisser captive, because if they want to be kissed, they will not try to flee the room, as I did once. I was hanging out with a group of friends, and it was in my friend's town house and they all left, and I tried to leave as well, and the guy, the kisser, sort of grabbed my hand, not in like a scary like, [SVU] way, but like, a little [SVU] way. Because I clearly wanted to leave.

Harrison: Yeah.

Maya: And then sort of just did a pull-in, but like, not in a sexy way, kind of in like a call the cops way.

Harrison: Like Ice-T should have showed up.

Maya: I mean yeah, that would have been ideal. anyway, the post smooch he immediately looked at me, and said, Do you, Do you secrete sugar? And, the word secretion should never be used in any kind of a romantic context.

Harrison: Well, you definitely need to know how to deal with a bad kisser, so, for me, I, if I like the person, if I want to continue to kiss them, I'll just like, hint that there's something wrong but I won't be mean about it. Like, I'll be like.

Maya: Like, okay ready, I'm kissing you in a horrible way, I'm Florence girl. Okay.

Harrison: Yeah, yeah.

Maya: Let's, let's play this up.

Harrison: Okay.

Maya: Okay. Alright.

Harrison: So like.

Maya: Yeah, do you like it, do you want more of it?

Harrison: You know, I like it when you just, you know, kiss me on the lips, so, and then like, sort of light tongue. Okay. I'm a.

Maya: See that was, that was good. Cause it wasn't offensive.

Harrison: Yeah.

Maya: Kept the kiss going.

Harrison: But if you don't even really like them in the first place you, you can always just do the bathroom routine.

Maya: Yeah, definitely.

Harrison: That works. Drink.

Maya: Drink.

Harrison: You need to get a drink. Oh, you need to call someone.

Maya: You shaped hole, through the wall of the club.

Harrison: Exactly. Kool-aid it.

Maya: But I have, I will say, don't be this hard because, I've have a first bad kiss, and then I ended up dating that person, and enjoying kisses tremendously. So you just guide them physically, probably not verbally because you don't want to make them insecure. But, just sort of let your mouth do the talking. Well done.

Harrison: So, take that home with you.

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