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How to Have a Great First Kiss

Learn how to have a great first kiss in this Howcast kissing tutorial.


Maya: Okay, guys, first kiss. Now this can be a very intense scenario. We are here to make it less intense. For my first kiss, it was very much a part of a group orchestration which is common if you're a teenager because we all hang out in groups of 12 to 15 for some reason, it's like the cattle mentality. So they'll probably be in on the fact that it's your first kiss with someone and they may want to get involved. This can hurt, this can help. For me it was a little bit of both, a little symbiosis there. Eventually, obviously I was left alone with this person, but the group really wanted to get involved and they sort of slowly made it very obvious, it was a New Year's thing. Cliche. And they all slowly left the room and left us alone. And it was cute and romantic but also a little scary. I would say don't succumb to the pressure of the group but also have fun with it, they're just being silly, they want you to have a good time. If your friends are involved, I would just say don't put pressure on yourself and enjoy it and the other person's probably nervous too, especially if you're a young'n. I was aged ten and sixteen. So I was little.

Harrison: Well I remember my first kiss was very awkward, it wasn't like a date thing, it was like I went to this party and it was when I was a sophomore in high school and I got drunk and there was this cute girl, this cute little Brazilian girl named Marcela Olivera. It was strange because we were both drunk and we started making out and you know, tongues were everywhere because it was just sloppy, sophomore year of high school. And I remember I had just eaten a lot of peanut M&Ms that day, and then she commented on it, and she was like, your mouth tastes like chocolate. So I felt like I had to tell her why, I don't know why I thought that was a good idea.

Maya: I wouldn't be upset if you tasted like--

Harrison: Well would you be upset if I said, yeah, just ate a lot of peanut M&Ms, cause that's what I did. And we stopped kissing.

Maya: That turned it of. Okay. Don't mention your snacks prior to the kiss apparently.

Harrison: Exactly. Exactly. But what I will say is a good way to go about a kiss is, if you're on a date, you're on a first date, and you know you're at the point where the date's coming to a close, maybe you're like at the car, getting your keys.

Maya: I had a really good time. Just going to go for it.

Harrison: Exactly. Just do something light, very light, don't use tongue, don't use anything, just go in very gently, let her come to you for the last 10%, the 90-10 thing.

Maya: I like 91-9, but.

Harrison: Exactly, so let me demonstrate.

Maya: I had a lot of fun today.

Harrison: Me too, I did too.

Maya: Thanks again.

Harrison: All right. Good night. And then I leave, don't look back. She's going to be like, why didn't you look back?

Maya: She'll be like, what just happened to my mouth?

Harrison: And she's going to want it more.

Maya: Yeah, that is good. The non-aggressive approach is always always the way to go.

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