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How to Make Out in a Car

Learn how to make out in a car in this Howcast kissing tutorial.


Maya: So you find yourself in a car, sometimes driving, sometimes not. Sometimes you want to make out in a car. I unfortunately, have missed out on this experience, because I grew up in New York and subway making out is a little more frowned upon. I know.

Harrison: Yes, but you like being urinated on by other outside...

Maya: I mean that that can happen outside of an automobile, too. We happen to have the benefit of right now being inside a car.

Harrison: Exactly.

Maya: So this would actually be among my first car kisses, which is - I'm kind of excited.

Harrison: Yeah? Wow, I didn't know.

Maya: So we should accelerate this. Get the engine going.

Harrison: Yeah, yeah. Well, let's shift gears here.

Maya: Don't make puns at will. Oh, wow.

Harrison: Okay, but basically, when you're making out in a car what you want to do is you know it's not a bed or a couch. It's a little bit less comfortable, but there are ways to work around it. So basically...

Maya: Assuming we're both in the back seat. This is a pulp situation.

Harrison: I mean you should move to the back seat, because there's gear shifters, all sorts of like - there's keys, ignition - I don't know, you don't want to step on the wrong thing. So you want to go to the back seat.

Maya: So we're parked, we hope, correct?

Harrison: So maybe basically, something like...

Maya: Whoa, there sailor.

Harrison: Exactly.

Maya: Oh, so now it feels we're reclining a little bit.

Harrison: Exactly, so now you're actually putting both parties in a comfortable position.

Maya: Couch-esque.

Harrison: I mean you can lay back. You can go forward.

Maya: You can buckle up.

Harrison: There's a lot of... Yeah, safety first. Hopefully, the cars not ...

Maya: Metaphorically.

Harrison: ... moving when this is happening. But all right, why don't we display this for them, okay?

Maya: Let us display.

Harrison: All right, so...

Maya: I have to tell you, I forgot I was in a car.

Harrison: I got all kinds of skills.

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