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How to Make Out at the Movies

Learn how to make out at the movies in this Howcast kissing tutorial.


A: Hey guys. So a lot of dates take place in the movies. Everyone goes to the movies for a date. Not a big deal, you really don't get to talk. I don't know who invented this idea. But when you are on a movie date, there's a lot of advantages you can take from your scenario. So for instance, you know there are these seats that are so close and you know, you got to stretch out. So what I like to do before the movie starts as soon as you sit down, you want to put your arm around then, but now touch them, just put it around them just so they know it's going to be there for the whole movie. Because I mean, it is a comfort thing.

B: Can I say something that I think works? If you're the lady for a second, a guy, what I like, which makes me feel less uncomfortable, is if a guy just does this because it's comfortable for him, let's say around previews, right, you're like only a third of the way into the popcorn, and then as it starts, the hand, not creepily, not like what I'm doing, then it comes on. So instead of it just being immediate, like I assume I can put my arm here, I'm all kinds of obvious, you just kind of, like, oh this is comfortable.

A: Oh, good lord.

B: And then she goes, oh I'm subverting gender roles.

A: Well what I like to do that's specific to the movies--

B: Slowly come around.

A: What I like to do that's specific to movies is it's almost always cold at the movies. So what you can do when you're in this position you can always be like, hey, you cold? Because they will be.

B: I am. You're so perceptive. Cuddly and yet organic at the same time.

A: I know. So see, this will give you the right to be touching her in a way that both parties know what's going on.

B: Well nothing gives you the right.

A: But, I mean, you have a reason to back it up.

B: We know where this train is headed.

A: Exactly, exactly. And so what you want to do is probably during the movie you're going to glance at each other once in a while.

B: It’s very [attractive].

A: So what you want to do is maybe look and even if they look away for a second, you continue to look.

B: I'm being coy.

A: And then they'll make eye contact. And then you kind of inch forward.

B: But the movie.

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