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How to Make Out at Work

Learn how to make out at work in this Howcast kissing tutorial.


Maya: Um, Harrison can I just talk to you for a second?

Harrison: Um, yeah let me...

Maya: No that's great just save that.

Harrison: Yeah, yeah.

Maya: You know I think we have really good professional chemistry but also minus the professional. If you just leave in the chemistry part.

Harrison: Wait, you're my boss this is kind of weird.

Maya: Weird or hot? And that's how you get a promotion. No, not necessarily but I [believe] we were at work, clearly this is not the proper venue or the typical venue for sultry interactions. I had the advantage of being his boss so I could intimidate him and also feel immune to being fired. However...

Harrison: It's not about the pay raise.

Harrison: It's about the authority.

Maya: Absolutely. But if you're not in that kind of hierarchy sort of situation where you have the advantage of immunity you need to be careful at work. Now that ups the stakes professionally but it also ups the stakes heat wise, wouldn't you say? Makes it a little risky and risque.

Harrison: Yeah...

Maya: So, what would be some good spots...well let's say you're just two co-workers on the payroll needing to put food in your fridge. You don't want to get fired but you got to capitalize.

Harrison: Copy room. Copy room.

Maya: Copy room's a good spot.

Harrison: Yeah, 500 days of summer scenario. But basically you want to go, copy room is good.

Maya: Stairwell.

Harrison: Stairwell is really good too.

Maya: You got to be quick on the stairwell.

Harrison: Elevator in between....

Maya: Lots of traffic.

Harrison: ...if you're on a sales call and you're in between. Do it in the stairwell.

Maya: What...I've never done this, you know what I've always wanted to do?

Harrison: What do you have in mind?

Maya: Emergency button.

Harrison: I want to do that so badly, oh my God.

Maya: Maybe even, I know this might be a little out there but maybe even a board room scenario. Like a conference room if it's not transparent if it's not being used for a meeting because then you could blow someone on a table, have your way with them, kind of just pull one of these guys.

Harrison: Whoa, whoa...

Maya: Kind of sidle and kind of push someone down, obviously keep your eye on the door.

Maya: Um, so I'm going to need those laminations by Monday 5 pm at the latest.

Harrison: You got it boss.

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