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How to Whisper Kiss

Learn how to whisper kiss in this Howcast kissing tutorial.


Maya: Dave, this has been like, I just can't believe it's our anniversary already, you know?

Harrison: I know.

Maya: I mean, two weeks, God.

Harrison: Two weeks is…

Maya: It's like a movie.

Harrison: I know.

Maya: Epic.

Harrison: Oh, God. It's just like Superbad.

Maya: I just can't believe that, we made it.

Harrison: I know.

Maya: Against all the odds, you know?

Harrison: I want another two weeks with you.

Maya: Okay, so at this point, it's a little dramatic, sort of a little giggly. Cause it's kind of funny. It is, but it's saucy, it's soft, it's sweet, it's sensual.

Maya: It is. It is! It's a nice way to start a two-week anniversary.

Harrison: It's like [sleeping], [sleeping] in my mouth.

Maya: Some might say the logic is a little flawed, because why would you whisper into someone's mouth? But, if that's what you like, that’s what you like. And I mean, that was a scenario where that couple would definitely do some whisper-kissing.

Harrison: Yeah, I mean, two weeks. That's a feat.

Maya: Yeah, it's based on my life.

Harrison: Your autobiography, "My Two Weeks".

Maya: Yeah, so. Well, why don't we do it some more? 'Cause I don't ever want to stop.

Harrison: Ever, ever stop.

Maya: So the whisper kiss is when you're about to go in for the kiss, and right before you kiss them, you know, you say a sweet nothing, .5 seconds before you go in for the real kiss!

Maya: Like, that's a real thing. When people say 'whisper sweet nothings', that's not poetry, that is a guideline.

Harrison: I don't know what that means. But, take my information to heart. It's something you can do, you know, it's a cute little thing to do.

Maya: Yeah, maybe just, it's not necessarily like, a scientific [developed kiss]. It's more just like fitting the mood, of just kind of making it a little more tender.

Harrison: Yeah, cause this wouldn't work. I really like you.

Maya: I mean, I thought that was really hot, personally, but most people would probably flee the scene. I just want a beer here.

Harrison: I don't know if we have beer here.

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