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How to Give a Breath of Life Kiss

Learn how to give a breath of life kiss in this Howcast kissing tutorial.


Harrison: Aw, oh my God.

Maya: Thank God, you're okay.

Harrison: God, you saved me.

Maya: Go with it. Okay, so you just saw was a literal, breath of life kiss.

Harrison: Basically, what a breath of life kiss is, is just when you are going to kiss your significant other what you're going to want to do is, you're going to want to get some air in your lungs and as soon as you make lip to lip contact, you exhale into their mouth.

Maya: What would that be like?

Harrison: You want to see? But what also you have to do is the recipient has to blow some more breath into theirs. So it's like a give and take scenario.

Maya: An exchange.

Harrison: Yeah, exactly. So why don't we do it?

Maya: Yeah, let's. I agree it's a good idea. Now when we say breath of life, we don't mean one of these. That's a no-no.

Harrison: Yeah, like that's really a huge no-no.

Maya: I mean he liked it, but that was, technically a breath of my life, into his life. But it doesn't lead to anything romantic or productive.

Harrison: So you don't want to do anything that's like... You don't want to do anything like that. Make sure it's very smooth, elegant.

Maya: Elegant, yeah. Like a ballet of the tongues.

Harrison: Like say: Hi, into their mouth like...

Maya: You know, even though we're both silly, I kind of liked it. It worked for me.

Harrison: Exactly.

Maya: Soft, soft is the key. Like a feather tickling one's mouth, kind of like this.

Harrison: And that's the breath of life.

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