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How to Kiss with Passion

Learn how to kiss with passion in this Howcast kissing tutorial.


Harrison: What are you looking at? I'm the one that got hurt. You know what you did.

Maya: You're a coward.

Harrison: Oh yeah? I'm a coward? You're the one that kissed the cow, aren't you?

Maya: That cow was all me and my family had.

Harrison: Oh yeah? What do I have?

Maya: You have me.

Harrison: Oh, yeah.

C: So, what you just saw was, I may say, excellent example of passionate kissing. A little extra zeal, a little ferocity. More physically aggressive, I would say. Doesn't necessarily mean that it's better kissing. It's just on a higher level.

D: Exactly. The thing about passionate kissing is that, it doesn't matter what you're feeling. It's so heightened and you're so attracted and you still feel the need to...

C: I'm against everything you stand for and all your principles.

D: Oh, God.

C: See, it really doesn't matter what the sentiment is. As long as it's heightened, you can just ride that wave to [see how].

D: Exactly.

C: Passionate kissing can also be sweet. You know, it can be romantic and emotional and it can be passion from the heart within. It can be physical. It can be an expression of chemistry. The point is, it's just, it's like rolling through waves together. If you will, it's like a wild ride on the ocean. You're having a good time. It's a little scary what's going to happen. I also recommend a lot of hair grabbing.

D: Okay. Why don't we show them that?

C: That's probably the most accurate way to do it.

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