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How to Kiss with Confidence

Learn how to kiss with confidence in this Howcast kissing tutorial.


Harrison: Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock.

Maya: Who could that be? Wait! You just left. What are you doing here?

Harrison: I know, um. I just, I forgot something.

Maya: Oh, my god, did you, like, forget your wallet, our phone, or some, oh! Well, that was unexpected, yet, thrilling.

Maya: Yeah. So, basically what just happened there is a scenario that is 100 percent. It will always work every time.

Harrison: So, what happens on a date, usually, is you get to a point where you walk them to their door. So, in that scenario, we were on a date before and I dropped her off and we probably didn't have any, you know, physical interaction that wasn't any more than a kiss on cheek or a hug. Or, you know, anything like that.

But, what happens is, after you say goodbye, you leave. You go, maybe it's an apartment. You go down like a flight of stairs and you just wait, maybe like 30 seconds to a minute.

Then, you go back to their apartment. You knock on the door and that scenario plays out because they're like, "Oh! What, why are you back?" And then.

Maya: Taken off guard.

Harrison: And your confidence will turn them on so much that, I mean, it's they're going to love it.

Maya: Speaking of confidence.

Harrison: Hang on a minute. Exactly. See?

Maya: You know, but that's like there are scary surprises and there are good surprises. So, that was an example of good surprises.

Harrison: Exactly. So, that's how to kiss with confidence.

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