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How to Kiss Dirty

Learn how to kiss dirty in this Howcast kissing tutorial.


Maya: So those of you who are watching, you may have noticed saucier, may we say, dirtier elements to that particular kissing interaction. Now that is perfectly acceptable, if both people are feeling that kind of heat, that extra zest, what were some specific things we were doing?

Harrison: Well, the lip bite is a very popular move, because it's not, it's not painful. It’s just, it, it's this like, I don't know.

Maya: Painfully good.

Harrison: It's like an extra edge, yeah, yeah. And it's not even real pain, it's just kind of like this sharp little sensation.

Maya: Just kind of like, a little, like.

Harrison: Yeah. Exactly.

Maya: Like you don't want to do like, a, like that.

Harrison: See, that was just sucking on my whole mouth.

Maya: Like some people, if someone does like that, then you shouldn't date them.

Harrison: Exactly.

Maya: Because that's alarming.

Harrison: Also, you don't want to, you don't, you don't want to use too much tongue outside of the face, like, that. That's not, excuse me, I'm sorry.

Maya: Yeah, I kind like that. Personally that works on me. Typically I could see why that would be off putting.

Harrison: Exactly. So what you want to do, is you want to use tongue, and you want to use tongue in a way that's visible to the naked eye, but it's not from like a third part perspective, I mean, hopefully no one is a third party perspective.

Maya: Or,

Harrison: Or has a third party perspective. But you want it to be, so that it's almost like, here, let me show you. See? You, you saw it, it wasn't gross,

Maya: That was.

Harrison: It wasn't outside the mouth, It wasn't outside,

Maya: Way less horrible then I thought it would be.

Harrison: Exactly. So another thing, is I did the hair pull, which is something that, it seems like it might hurt, but, it feels awesome.

Maya: Hurts so good.

Harrison: It hurts so good, yeah John Mellencamp once sang a song about hair pulling. I mean, I don't know, do you enjoy the hair pulling?

Maya: I love pulling the hair, I love having the hair pulled. You're not trying to, you know, well, yeah, nothing violent. It's just,

Harrison: But you still want, you know, I mean, it's sexy.

Maya: Yeah, a little just mussing up the hair, yeah, that's a little dirty, a little edgy. You can even pull someone by their shirt.

Harrison: Exactly.

Maya: Something like that.

Harrison: Yeah.

Maya: Definitely a little lip nibble.

Harrison: Well, I guess we could talk about kissing dirty all day, or we could show you an example.

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