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How to Kiss Softly

Learn how to kiss softly in this Howcast kissing tutorial.


Maya: So, if it wasn't obvious, that was how to kiss softly, soft and sweet.

Harrison: When you kiss softly, it can still be passionate, but what you're trying to convey to your lover, or significant other, is that you care about them and you want to show them passion, but maybe de-sexualizing the whole thing. So, it's a kiss to just show ...
Maya: A little more PG, but it could still be very meaningful. A soft kiss can still be as profound as a passionate kiss, it's just a little under the radar.

Harrison: And it is passionate. It's just passionate in a different way. It's not sexual, animalistic.

Maya: It's a quite passion, if you will.

Harrison: Exactly. You still go through the motions. It's almost like a first kiss, but just doing the very beginning of a first kiss, multiple times.

Maya: Why don't you say it, and I'll do it.

Harrison: Give me the kiss that you would give someone for your first kiss.

Maya: I would be kissed first, but let's pretend I would give the kiss.

Harrison: And then, just continue the kiss in that way, instead of getting more and more into it. So it's more gentle. It's not pecking. It's not passionate. It's sort of in between.

Maya: Why don't you just shhh. What's interesting about the soft kiss is there's a way to keep it going, without feeling the need to include tongue or to get more physical than just kissing. It doesn't feel awkward. It doesn't feel like a stagnant repetition of pecks, it's just like you are conversing softly, without needing to open your mouth. Brushing the lips and moving the head around make it feel more textured and sweet. It's nice, and a way to not put pressure on the physical aspect.

Harrison: Exactly, that's a great way to put it.

Maya: Thank you. I appreciate it.

Harrison: In case you missed it the first few times, this is how to kiss softly.

Maya: Here we go again.

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