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How to Tongue Kiss

Learn how to tongue kiss in this Howcast kissing tutorial.


Harrison Tweed: So if you couldn't tell, we were kissing with tongue.

Maya: That we were.

Harrison: Yes, and we would like to demonstrate and describe some do's and don't's on how to kiss with the tongue. So for example, one thing that I did very well is I made sure there was tongue, but I wasn't overbearing and she did the same thing. There has to be a good give in take. So if someone is just pounding the inside of someone's mouth with their tongue, it's not going to be enjoyable for that person. It's just going to be uncomfortable and probably no second kiss is going to come out of it.

Maya: Or at least not a voluntary second kiss...

Harrison: Exactly.

Maya: ... and kisses should be voluntary.

Harrison: What do you think are some do's?

Maya: I think starting out with a "Hey, how's it going?" Kind of poking the tongue in, you know?

Harrison: Don't be coy, don't.

Maya: Wait, no, be coy, and then if that other tongue receives it, it's like, "Well, how do you do?" Then you can kind of get more involved, is what I'm saying. Yeah and then put in more tongue. Keep the tongue kind of as the main character of the scene.

Harrison: Okay.

Maya: Kind of more massaging of each other's tongues together.

Harrison: I like it, that's, yeah.

Maya: Yeah, kind of think of it as a coloring book. You don't want to draw outside the lines. You can get feisty and if it feels passionate, sure. But the goal is to keep the tongue within the confines of the lip/mouth area.

Harrison: Exactly.

Maya: Don't get too excited. Just because someone's offering you their tongue, doesn't mean you can play with it willy-nilly.

Harrison: Exactly.

Maya: Such as this. Like, I don't know if you like that. But I would say that's a no.

Harrison: Also, this is sort of disgusting and if you have small children in the room, please cover their eyes. But you don't want to do the penetrating tongue. Here, like this.

Maya: Do we have...

Harrison: See, that was awful.

Maya: That was abysmal.

Harrison: I feel like, yeah.

Maya: I need a minute.

Harrison: Basically, what you want to do is you just be sparing, but yet...

Maya: Sparing, yet caring.

Harrison: Yes, sparing and caring, so if you didn't see it before, here it is again.

Maya: Take two, yeah.

Harrison: This is how you kiss with the tongue.

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