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How to Use Love Bites When You Kiss

Learn how to use love bites when you kiss in this Howcast kissing tutorial.


Maya: What you just saw there was the incorporation of a little teeth action.

Harrison: Yes.

Maya: Doesn't sound good, but feels good and you probably noticed, looks good.

Harrison: Yes, yes. One thing that's good about teeth is that, huh. Never thought it sounds like that.

Maya: It's good to have teeth, in general.

Harrison: Besides they chew very well. One thing that's great about using teeth while kissing is that it gives a little edge to your kissing. The experience, it's like being dirty, but only... And the best way to go about it is not do too much. Like if you noticed we were doing only, like slight, little...

Maya: Nibbles.

Harrison: ... little nibbles on the bottom lip.

Maya: If you taste blood, you've gone too far.

Harrison: Yes. Well, you've gone too far even before that.

Maya: Yes.

Harrison: But like, yes. Just small things like...

Maya: That was good. What you don't want is poor teeth choreography where you have teeth on teeth. That is the bad news bears.

Harrison: It literally sounds like nails on chalkboard, and that sounds horrible and feels terrible, and no as sexy.

Maya: No as sexy?

Harrison: No, it's no way sexy.

Maya: It's no good in any language. So if you are going to take this little tip and incorporate teeth into your make out session, there are definitely do's and don't's. A do is an example of what we just showed you, a little light nibble. I'm sure we'll have a chance to show you again. Do not do teeth on teeth. That is just bad. Nobody wins. You don't want to hear any clinking action.

Harrison: Exactly.

Maya: You're not hungry. You're not eating.

Harrison: Exactly.

Maya: Is that a good way to say it?

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