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How to Hold a Girl's Face When You Kiss

Learn how to hold a girl's face when you kiss her in this Howcast kissing tutorial.


Harrison: As you can see, I was holding her face in this very, very sensual way. She couldn't get enough.

Maya: It's my personal weakness.

Harrison: Exactly.

Maya: When a fellow touches my face.

Harrison: Basically, how you caress a woman's face is everything. If you're going to go in for a kiss and you start kissing her and then you put your hand on her waist or her lower back or basically anywhere around there.

Maya: Robot style.

Harrison: It might feel OK, but it's not going to make here crumble to her knees. But, if you put your hand on her face it really personalizes it. It's like, “Hey, I'm so glad to see you and kiss you,” see?

Maya: It is like that.

Harrison: Exactly.

Maya: It's like a lip greeting.

Harrison: So what I'm doing with my hand is I'm putting my fingers right behind her ears, sort of gently caressing them and watch.

Maya: I mean it's not awful.

Harrison: I keep my thumb somewhere around like, the upper earlobe or top of her ear basically, kind of caressing it. I'm almost doing a Pac-Man hand around her ear.

Maya: I'm going to be honest. I'm not even paying attention to what you're saying because this feels tremendous.

Harrison: It's amazing, right?

Maya: Yeah. It's sort of a magical trick.

Harrison: But Maya, here's the deal. I've told you how I do. Now you tell me, how I should not do.

Maya: In terms of hand on the face, it's definitely good to have a tender approach. I actually like the movement. Anything that's stale or stagnant, that just feels weird. The girl's going to become aware and self-conscious. Then the girl feels like she has to steer it.

I mean just, don't just slap, I don't know if anyone would ever do this, but don't ever do it. You don't want to start obstructing the frontal area of the face. Just keep it gentle. Exactly what you were doing, the ear, neck.

The chin rest, that's a nice. Oh. Another nice one, a little of this action. I can't do that because that just made me feel like I...

Harrison: I do like using that action to.

Maya: I like when that happens to me. If I did that I would feel very much like a man which is cool just not…

Harrison: It's almost like directing.

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