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How to Move In for a First Kiss

Learn how to move in for a first kiss in this Howcast kissing tutorial.


Maya: I had a really good time tonight.

Harrison: Me too. Me too, that was a lot of fun. We should do it again.

Maya: Yeah, I hope sometime soon, first round went so well.

Harrison: So, basically what you just saw there was a first kiss. I know it was adorable, but there's a lot of stuff that went into it to make it so adorable. So basically, what made me irresistible and made her, you know, long for me, I made sure she knew that I wanted to kiss her. I wasn't overeager but I definitely sent her little eye messages and facial messages that told her that, you know, I'm ready to do this thing. And basically what that incorporates is basically it's, you know, like penetrating eye contact, maybe very once in a while you'll look down at her lips to signify, yeah I want to kiss those puppies.

Maya: I mean, at that point, I hope he's going to kiss me or else I don't know what's going on in that brain.

Harrison: Unless you have a strange lip fetish, like Silence of the Lambs style, I don't think...

Maya: But that's not an area.

Harrison: Exactly. But it's perfect, it's a cute way to do it, it's very longing and will make the kiss very passionate.

Maya: I sure had a good time.

Harrison: Would you like another one?

Maya: Another round, sir. As the receiver of the first kiss, you might, both parties are nervous, but sometimes the girl gets to play the coy girl part and be a little shy, a little coquettish, maybe with the eyes, you know. Sort of a little bit of this action, looking away, kind of like come hither, but not in a way that you're being push and you're sort of offering up the kiss. You're letting them come [90]. A little bit. Just kind of looking nervous but in a cute way.

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