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How to Make a Kiss Memorable

Learn how to make a kiss memorable in this Howcast kissing tutorial.


Maya: So one kiss that I've experienced that was very memorable in a positive way, I was walking with someone I had recently started dating and we were planning a date for later that night and we were walking and just being cute and flirting and holding hands, and we hadn't had much physical contact at that point. And I started to walk away, just trying to be my cute adorable self, and as I was walking away he sort of grabbed my hand unexpectedly and pulled me in and just kissed me really passionately and sweetly and kind of laughing in between in a really giddy way. And then he just sent me back on my way and that's what I had in mind as I was going home to get ready for the date and it was a really nice little teaser of what was to come. It was sweet and romantic and cute.

Harrison: That is great but I would like to one-up you.

Maya: Whoa, it's not a competition, but...

Harrison: But no, I just remember there was one very memorable kiss I had where I hadn't kissed this one person I was dating, like we'd been sort of seeing each other for a few weeks.

Maya: Who was she?

Harrison: Cameron Diaz. And then we went to, we just came back from like, I think we were dancing or at a bar or something like that. And we were at her door and she was unlocking the door and then I just, we hadn't even kissed before, but I just started kissing the back of her neck as she was unlocking the door and then I just turned her around and we just started kissing like very passionately, like, and the key was already in the door, so we like opened the door while making out and when we came in we were like throwing clothes off and it was passionate and like on the table and stuff. It was intense.

Maya: That's memorable for me now and I didn't even experience it.

Harrison: I know.

Maya: Basically what makes a kiss really memorable is just having spontaneity and showing that person that you're just passionate and you just can't get enough of them. There doesn't need to be a context leading it, the context is just that you're digging each other like crazy

Harrison: Just seize the moment, guys.

Maya: Seize it, just go nuts, you know. You don't need to catch them off guard, maybe they know it's coming, but it doesn't have to be.

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