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How to Undo a Girl's Bra with 1 Hand

Learn how to undo a girl's bra with one hand in this Howcast kissing tutorial.


Maya: What's up, bra?

Harrison: What's up, little lady?

Maya: I think you're the little lady today. You know, something that's really hard for guys to pull off, literally and figuratively, is the removal of a bra. Now, you want to be able to obviously do this as quickly as possible, but that's not what's key. What's key is not showing that you're fumbling, demonstrate confidence, engage, even if it's not the easiest, snappiest of removals.

Now we're obviously in a really natural, organic situation on the hood of this car. Your average bra removal, kind of working the back a little. Making him feel comfortable...

Harrison: Oh my gosh.

Maya: ...or in this case, extremely uncomfortable. Then, what's really slick is if you can do it with one hand. This may not happen on the first try, but what you want to happen here is, have your index finger and your thumb working against each other. It's pretty much like a physics equation. All the while, you're sort of just...

Harrison: Don't stop.

Maya: ...keeping contact, and then ba-zam, Bond style.

Harrison: Oh my goodness.

Maya: Sweet, sweet release. And there you have...

Harrison: You're going to have one for sure.

Maya: You're going to have something. And that is how you take off a bra with one hand.

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