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How to Kiss a Boy

Learn how to kiss a boy in this Howcast kissing tutorial.


So as a lady, we have certain ways we like to be kissed. whether it's a first kiss, in the midst of a long term romance, what have you.
At the end of the day, a girl just wants to feel like a guy is in control of the situation. That penetrating stare's totally working so far.

Something like that actually, all jokes aside.

Just a guy, sort of, you know, just you feel like really desired. Like they're targeting you, not in a scary way. Like just sort of maybe starting tenderly, like a little hand in the hair, hand on the face. It gets me weak in the knees personally, and then, you know just kind of, in a heated way, but very sweet, very tender. Just, you know kind of feeling like taking, just taking control of the situation. That's what I like.

So actually what Harrison just did that, I didn't even mention, A+, was he actually started to reach down the pack of my neck and pull in my head a little. And that made me feel like he was sinking into the kiss more and was exactly where he wanted to be.

That's a good little tip, for the gents out there. To make us girls feel wanted and sexy.

Good job, you!

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