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How to Kiss with Maya Klausner & Harrison Tweed

Learn about Maya Klausner and Harrison Tweed, two of Howcast's kissing experts, in this video.


Maya: Hi there, you beautiful specimen. I am Maya Klausner, featuring in this Howcast kissing video. Some call me Klawz or Klawzy, or on Twitter specifically Klawzy28, if you want to follow some of my quips. As of now, you've probably noticed that I'm deliciously comedic. I do stand-up comedy all around New York if you want to check me out, and you can find it in my personal, unique website: I do comedy all over New York, I act and I write, and I'm really happy to be doing this Howcast video. It's been a ton of fun, and I've worked with a great group of people.

Harrison: All right, cool. I'm Harrison Tweed, originally from Durham, North Carolina. Go Tarheels. I do shows all over New York City. I don't know any of them that are coming up, but whatever. I also host a lot of shows like rock concerts at Tammany Hall, Webster Hall, and Gramercy Theater. If you follow me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, my Twitter handle is Harrisoncomic, and if you look me up on Facebook, just look up Harrison Tweed, and I'll give you some updates on when I'm performing next or what shows I'm hosting, so yeah, just give me a shout, man.

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