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How to Play a Minor Pentatonic Scale in C

Learn how to play a minor pentatonic scale in C with this keyboard tutorial from Howcast.


Hi, it's Stephanie from Tomatoes House of Rock; and I'm going to show you how to play a C Minor Pentatonic scale. To play a Pentatonic scale in the key of C Minor, we're going to want the one, the three, the four, the five and the seven, which in the minor scale is a flat at seven. And those notes work out for us to be in C, C, E Flat, F, G and B Flat. And a simple fingering for this would just be, one, two, three, thumb under to G, two, three, and back down again. We're just going to have three, two, one, three crosses over the F, three, two, one. And that's how you play a C Minor Pentatonic scale.

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