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How to Play a Tremolo

Learn how to play a tremolo with this keyboard tutorial from Howcast.


Hi, this is Stephanie Sanders from Tomato's House of Rock. I am going to show you how to use a tremolo in your solo. This is a great sound and a great effect that the piano can get. It's basically just moving really quickly between two notes. A very common one is doing octaves. If I was going to do octave G's, here's my low G, here's my high G. The sound of the tremolo is going to be, so that is what you are going for. The best way to get this sound, I find, it to really think of your hand almost more like you're going to use it like a drum beat.

Think about the rhythms. We don't want to use the fingers so much, as you are going to actually use your wrist. So your hands are actually going to stay pretty stiff and still to really be able to dig into those notes. In slow motion, we would have, so just back and forth. You are just using your wrists more than your fingers as much as possible.

You can also do it in fifths, which would be from G up to D and the sound would just be. You can do it in thirds, which would be from G to B. So we would just have. So same thing even when I am using my one and my three together to get that, I still want to try to use my wrist action instead of my fingers to get that sound. Okay, let's hear what it sounds like in a solo.

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