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How to Play a Call & Response Solo

Learn how to play a call and response solo with this keyboard tutorial from Howcast.


Hi this is Stephanie Sanders from Tomato's House of Rock, and I'm going to show you how to use Call and Response technique in a solo. Call and Response that really means having a conversation. You can use it two ways. You can use it for yourself, and your own solo where you're thinking that you're the person who's maybe asking the question and then giving an answer, but it can also be great if you're in a jam setting, and you're playing with some other musicians, you can sort of start to have your own conversations between them.

For me, I find one of the best things with Call and Response is especially when you start keep it simple. OK. To demonstrate this I'm going to show you for our conversation voice one I'm going to play right here. From this F to this F, and the second voice the response is going to be from this F up to this F. All right, let's hear what this sounds like with some music.

If you're doing a Call and Response with yourself some tips that I would think about like I said, definitely keep it simple, and think about a certain pattern. If your conversation if you're starting with just maybe third down, if that's my opening comment, then you might want to think about just expanding it a little bit for the response. Then maybe it would be.

Just adding in extra notes something like that, and like any conversation from there you can imagine yourself getting more interested, getting more exciting, maybe get angry, so the conversation can get really take off from there, and go anywhere, but I think it's always fun and helpful to start with a simple idea, build on that, and then if you're really feeling inspired and good see if you can bring the conversation to an end too.

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