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How to Play a Funk Solo

Learn how to play a funk solo with this keyboard tutorial from Howcast.


Hi, this is Stephanie Sanders from Tomato's House of Rock, and I'm going to show you how to play a funk solo. So, when we think about funk as opposed to the blues or jazz or even rock, my favorite thing to think about is "space is the place". Because, basically, the best thing you do for a funk solo is leave a lot of space. Part of what gives funk its edge is a lot of space and then aggressive playing when you actually are in and playing.

So, that means you may want to use some double stops like we looked at in another video, where you have the 1 or the 5 on top, so it's going to give you a little bit more of that grit and edge. And, always, always think about your left hand, and if you're lucky enough to be playing with a good rhythm section, it's all about them. So, listen to where that groove is, feel where they're at, and try to play something that feels like it's against it. So, really playing with rhythms would be the other big thing to think about when you're trying to make up your funk solo. So, let's see what it sounds like. We'll do a C-minor pentatonic. Here's what it sounds like with some music.

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