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How to Play a Rock Lick

Learn how to play a rock lick in this keyboard tutorial from Howcast.


Hi, this is Stephanie Sanders from Tomato's House of Rock and I'm going to show you how to play a lick. This one specifically is really good for either rock style or jam style. It can feel a little tricky, but as long as you start slow it'll get in your fingers and you'll be able to speed it up with no problem. The concept is to think about a cord, so let's use the key of C and I'm going to just outline it and I'm going to play it from the top down. So I'm just going to play G, E, and C. To create a really nice rolling effect, I'm just going to keep playing it over and over again. So, just...

So it's simple enough because this is a very comfortable, familiar position and we're just going from the top down. But it can really fill up the space. Especially when you're with a band, it can really let the piano kind of come out and be on top and really have a moment. So then, what we can do from there once we've got that happening, just maybe start to change the notes a little bit. Maybe we're going to now add - I'm going to play A, F, C, just to give it a little bit more comfortable. So now maybe I'm here... Now the two together would be...

You can feel it really carries a certain energy with it. Let's see if we can add one more in. So we've got our C position and then this is really like an F cord here. Let's try... That could be considered either a C or a Gsus cord, but we're just going to use the notes D, C, and G. So that one would just be... So now all three together we would have... Let's hear what that sounds like with some music. That's one lick you can try on your solo.

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