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How to Comp in Blues

Learn how to comp in blues in this keyboard tutorial from Howcast.


Hi. This is Stephanie Sanders from Tomato's House of Rock and here is how to comp in the blues. So there are lots of variations in the blues comp. We're going to look at a really common one. So let's check out the left hand first. Just in the key of C, we're going to have C on the bottom, our one, and we're going to have G on the top, which is our five. I'm just using my pinky and thumb for both of these.

Then all we're going to do to give it a little bit of motion is also add in our next cord, which is just going to be the C, and I'm just going to stretch my thumb up to the A. So it's like that major six sound. So, going back and forth we have, so you can really feel we're starting to get that chugging motion right there.

So now, let's look at what the right hand on top of that would be. We're going to do a simplified version, so what we're going to have is just, one is going to be on C and let's use our second finger, our pointer, on E, which is the three of the C cord. So, if we were to just play that first cord altogether left hand and right hand, we really have the full C major there now.

So with our right hand doing just those two notes, then our little variation is that we're going to do the same thing, just going up a step with the top note. We're just going to bring the three to F. It should already be resting there, so it should feel really comfortable. So the motion for the right hand is just going to be, we're just going to do that back and forth.

I'm going to do hands together nice and slowed down so we can see how it looks. Practice that a couple times, get that really comfortable and then when you feel ready start trying to speed it up a little bit. Eventually, you'll get to about, get that really nice classic blues sound.

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