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How to Play a Bass Line While Comping

Learn how to play a bass line while comping in this keyboard tutorial from Howcast.


Hi, this is Stephanie from Tomato's House of Rock, and I'm going to show you how to play a bass line while comping. So, for this one, I think we'll do it in the funk style, because there's really a lot that you can do between the two hands with funk because it is so rhythmic. What I like to think about is almost as if the two hands are having a conversation. So, your left hand's going to play something rhythmic, and your right hand is going to sort off respond to that and they can kind of go back and forth. And in funk, you can really actually almost think of the keyboard as a drum. So, if you've ever seen hand drummers, they're kind of playing with this thumb and five motion. It's actually really similar to the tremolo that we did in another exercise. Just that motion where it's just your wrist. It's not really the fingers.

So you have that, even if you're playing chords, you can use it to get extra little notes to kind of pop out and accent what you're doing. Let's say if we're in the key of F, we're going to do sort of like F funk thing, have your left hand just play active. So I've just got two F's. And I can just really play with that rhythm. So maybe it's... Again, endless variations. Don't be afraid of space, especially with funk. The more space, the more nasty whatever you play is going to sound. You come back in with it again. If you want a little variation, you can go to the five or the seven. Those always sound great, too. So in the key of F that would be either a C or an E-flat. So we'd have... Something like that.

And then, you're going to put it together with your right hand. So, again, I'm going to think about both hands being very rhythmic, kind of playing like drums and sort of having a conversation with each other. So, just to see it slowed down a little bit, it would be something like.... So, that's just a bit of it slowed down. Now, let's see what it sounds like with some music... And that's how you play a bass line while comping.

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