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How to Play a Funk Bass Line

Learn how to play a funk bass line in this keyboard tutorial from Howcast.


Hi. This is Stephanie from Tomato's House of Rock and I'm going to show you how to play a funk base line. When you're thinking about funk, it's all about rhythm, and you can really get a lot of mileage out of just playing octaves and really thinking about playing them almost like they're drums. So just kind of back and forth and really with a lot of focus on the rhythms that you're making and also remembering to keep a lot of space.

Because with the funk bass line, space is the place. The more space you have the more funky it's going to feel. So let's try it in an A funk. So we'll have just A octaves and just a couple rhythms back and forth, we might have like... You can just keep going from there, so again trying to keep that space and just really percussive kind of back and forth.

Then, once that's feeling really comfortable, we can add in the five and the seven, which it's a flatted seven because whenever you're in funk you're always using dominant cords which always have a flatted seven. So that might be something with these notes involved. So, again, now you've got even more variation that you can play with adding in the five and the seven whenever it feels good. So let's hear what that sounds like with some music. That's how to play a funk base line.

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