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How to Play Keyboard with Stephanie Sanders

Learn about Stephanie Sanders, one of Howcast's experts in playing the keyboard, in this video.


Hi. I'm Stephanie Sanders from Tomato's House of Rock. I've been playing piano since I was about 5 years old and I studied jazz piano at the New School in New York City. From that point on, I've been playing gigs in and around New York City, up and down the East Coast, also doing a lot of teaching, doing it all around Brooklyn, all around Manhattan, private lessons and also at the school Tomato's House of Rock. At Tomato's House of Rock, I run 2 programs right now. One is a Gem program and the other is an All Indie program; and those are both for middle school, high school age students.

I love music, I love playing music, I love listening to it and I really love teaching it. I've worked with really talented kids and adults and I find it really inspiring to see somebody start with nothing and start with the idea that they really can't do much and really turn that around into something that feels really liberating and exciting to them. It's really fun for me to see the progression happen and to see the joy that I can give them through music. If you'd like to know more about the classes that I teach privately or group at House of Rock, you can contact us at

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