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Infertility & Depression

Learn how to deal with depression caused by infertility in this Howcast video.


Many woman seeking fertility treatment do have depression. Sometimes the depression precedes the infertility. Sometimes it is a result of the inability to conceive. Depression is rampant in the United States. It occurs in all walks of life. There is no evidence that depression itself causes infertility, although there have been many articles to suggest that possibility. What is clear, however, is that the infertility treatment process and the diagnostic process can absolutely cause women to feel very sad and hopeless, and feel that there is no good end in sight.

In order for us as fertility specialists, reproductive endocrinologists, to effectively treat couples, we need to address these emotional needs. We realize that it is a very trying situation to try to conceive and not be successful. Infertility specialists who deal with women who do have depression will usually work very closely with either certified social workers or psychologists or psychiatrists to help the woman or the couple deal with these emotional needs, and deal with these emotional challenges as they are going through the fertility treatments.

Keep in mind while depression may not cause infertility, infertility can certainly contribute to some of the depressive symptoms that we see, and needs to be treated as part of a comprehensive approach to the management of infertility and the women who are going through it. There are some excellent resources for women interested in the effects of depression on infertility, or just on multiple topics of infertility. I would recommend That's And also, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine has a site, and that is That's These are excellent resources to obtain a lot of information on the Internet. Be careful, however, not to obtain information from chat rooms or other sites of that sort, because oftentimes the information is incorrect. Stick to the good sites, the ones that are well established even including webmd and the two sites that I just mentioned.

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